At the Institute for Intellectual Formation and Skeptical Inquiry, our educational philosophy is oriented around three foundational values:

  1. Free Inquiry and Intellectual Honesty: We are committed to the disinterested pursuit of truth within an educational environment that prizes critical thought and welcomes difficult questions.
  2. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning: While Christians maintain that Scripture is (when properly understood) the final authority on matters of belief and practice, they should not not insist that Scripture is the only source of information about the world. Accordingly, we affirm the value of knowledge derived from the arts and sciences, and attempt to bring such knowledge to bear on questions of a biblical category. In this way, we seek to attain a more comprehensive and penetrating understanding of God’s Special and General revelation to mankind, and construct a well-integrated Christian worldview.
  3. Mutual Respect and Community Dialogue: We place great worth on the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and experiences of fellow participants. Further, though we may find ourselves in disagreement with others, we will nevertheless accord respect to the voice of competing positions.